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Session 2017 l Global Citizenship: The Powerful Convergence of Everyday Life and Social Impact

No matter where you turn, challenges and devastations are a hard reality within our country and across the globe. Simple pleasures like watching television or reading a magazine have become saddening and disheartening given current events. Do you feel helpless? Are you overwhelmed with the abundance of causes and not sure how to contribute? Do you yearn for a life of greater significance beyond your day-to-day? Attend this session to hear from a panel of pioneers and learn how you can become a change-maker without moving across the world or quitting your job. From volunteerism, activism, philanthropy, humanitarianism and simple shopping strategies, this session will offer the perfect mix of actionable steps and inspiration for how you can get involved; find a cause that aligns with your passions; use your creativity and innovative thinking; and contribute to a cause that has positive social impact.

Thought Leader: Nilofer Merchant, business innovator, author and ranked top 50 management thinkers in the world

⚬  Asha Curran, chief innovation officer & director, Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact and creator, #GivingTuesday
⚬  Pamela Erickson, VP, global branding & corporate citizenship, Raytheon
  Abby Falik, founder & CEO of Global Citizen Year and Fast Company Most Creative People in Business 2016

Emcee: Laura Schroeder, director, transducer technology group, global development engineering, Bose