2018 Opening Night Agenda


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Don’t miss this diverse lineup. You’ll walk away inspired and armed with practical ideas to make positive changes in your life!

5:30 PM  The Next Women’s Revolution

Speaker: Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times best-selling author, Eat, Pray, Love, & one of the most-viewed TED speakers of all time @gilbertliz

For years, Liz Gilbert has been meeting people who tell her that they long to live more creative lives but are somehow blocked by fear. This speech will explore the relationship between fear and creativity, and — using stories from her own life as well as the experiences of others — Liz will help the audience to explore the possibility of seeing creativity in a lighter, more easeful manner.

6:00 PM How to Not Let “That” Escalate Quickly

Speaker: Franchesca Ramsey, actress, producer, director, influencer, & best-selling author, Well, That Escalated Quickly @chescaleigh

Franchesca Ramsey didn’t set out to be an activist. Or a comedian. Or a commentator on identity, race, and culture, really. But then her YouTube video “What White Girls Say . . . to Black Girls” went viral. Twelve million views viral. Faced with an avalanche of media requests, fan letters, and hate mail, she had two choices: jump in and make her voice heard or step back and let others frame the conversation. Tonight, veteran video blogger and star of MTV’s Decoded Franchesca Ramsey will offer advice on real communication in the age of social media, including ways to manage online rants, trolls, and call-out wars. Together we will learn that we can have tough conversations that move the dialogue forward rather than backward, if we just approach them in the right way.

6:30 PM Fierce: How Competing For Myself Changed Everything

Speaker: Aly Raisman, gold medal winning gymnast, activist, & Arthur Ashe Courage Award recipient @aly_raisman

A leader on and off the floor, local hero Aly Raisman uses her platform to promote positive body image and encourages everyone to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Tonight we will explore the highs and lows of her journey, including her survival of sexual abuse. Inspired by an army of survivors, Raisman continues her advocacy for systematic changes within the sport of gymnastics and efforts to help to eradicate sexual abuse in youth sports.








5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Social Sell Yourself: Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

Don’t miss your chance to attend LINKEDIN PROFILE MAKEOVER WORKSHOPS to perfect your networking skills. Featuring Amanda Healy, award-winning B2B marketing demand generation leader and social media expert. @amanda_healy



Boston Scientific


7:00 – 7:15 PM The Silent Ceiling: Menopause at Work

Speaker: Machelle Seibel, MD, women’s wellness and menopause expert and founder, HealthRock LLC @drmacheseibel

Women are all too familiar with the glass ceiling in the workplace. But there is another barrier that interferes with women rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements –  the silent ceiling of menopause. In this presentation, we will cover the midlife issues that cause a negative impact on women in the workplace, discuss those issues, and offer some suggestions for how best to minimize them.


7:15 – 7:30 PM Grocery Store 101: How to Grocery Shop Like a Nutrition Pro

 Speaker: Maria Marlowe, nutritional health coach & author, The Real Food Grocery Guide @mariamarlowe1

Who has time to eat healthy? We all do! Whether you’re too busy, too stressed, or travel too often, learn how to save time when it comes to healthy eating. Integrative nutrition health coach Maria Marlowe will share tips from her book The Real Food Grocery Guide on how to make smart choices at the grocery store, ideas for fuss-free meal prep and batch cooking, and all around how to stay healthy despite being busy. Together we will explore food buzzwords, what to avoid, when it is best to go organic, how to read food packages and nutrition labels, and how to save money without skimping on nutrition.

7:30 – 7:45 PM How Workplaces Can Support the Special Needs of Special Needs Parents

Speaker: Elizabeth Bostic, special education advocate & founder, The Parent Coach LLC

Employees who are parents of children with special needs are skilled at juggling the complex and time- consuming demands of their child’s educational, medical, and/or therapeutic needs. This unique skill set can be a game changer for organizations in today’s competitive global market. The ability to create a workplace environment that eliminates the barriers to balancing career and family demands for these employees enables companies to harness these skills and ultimately create a workplace that’s more innovative, supportive, and productive. Attend this informative discussion and explore ways that leaders, teams, and organizations can create a win-win so employees and organizations are able to flourish and surpass their business goals.



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5:00 – 8:00 PM Even Par: How Golf Helps Women Gain the Upper Hand in Business

Speaker: Leslie Andrews, director of golf, Nehoiden Golf Club, Wellesley College, Class A member of the LPGA & author @landrewsgolf

If you’re a woman in business and want to get to the top, you should avail yourself of all the critical tools—golf is a critical tool that contributes to the social capital needed to help you reach your potential in business. Led by Leslie Andrews, this interactive workshop will explore how you can use golf to level the playing field and enhance your career and life. Offering practical advice and live demos, attendees will learn:

·       Basic golf terminology, etiquette and rules
·       Ways to overcome fear and embarrassment on the golf course
·       Master the “must knows” and “must nots” for using golf for business
·       How to look the part and feel great doing it
·       How to capitalize on the business benefits of golf


6:30 PM Franchesca Ramsey 
7:00 PM Aly Raisman – 30 min ONLY! 
7:15 PM Mache Seibel, MD
7:30 PM Maria Marlow
7:45 PM Elizabeth Bostic

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