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Ocean Spray’s Senior VP Katy Galle – on What’s Inspiring Her Now

Katy Galle

Katy Galle is Ocean Spray’s senior vice president of research & development and sustainability. Here are five things that are inspiring her now (including some of her favorite books.)

  1. The Power of Mentoring. As a people leader and especially as a female people leader, I deeply appreciate my role as a mentor, in particular knowing my actions will pave the way for others that follow me. I have had a number of colleagues and trusted friends that have guided me throughout my career. And the common inspiration point in those relationships is that they challenged me. They pushed me to be better and have the courage to step outside my comfort zone.I do believe in good Karma, authenticity, and transparency. At this point in my career, it’s important for me to pay that forward in my own mentoring relationships, providing that similar support and guidance to others in various stages of their careers.
  2. Following Your Dreams. I’m always impressed with individuals who have a vision, make a plan and just go for it. My eldest daughter always sets long-term goals for herself. She creates a plan to achieve what she wants and sets milestones along the way. As a CrossFit trainer, my husband is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. He always wanted to open his own gym, which he followed through with despite the challenges of launching a business in a pandemic.
  3. The Balance of Health and Indulgence. I make time to exercise and celebrate that I can physically do it. I enjoy jogging, CrossFit, yoga, and outdoor sports. I also love to cook — my kitchen is my laboratory where I experiment and create. Being in the kitchen also brings my family together, so it’s incredibly rewarding. My philosophy to nutrition is moderation: I believe you need a little bit of everything. It’s important to feed your both your brain and your soul.
  4. Leading with Science. I remain in awe of all the brave frontline healthcare workers and researchers who have accelerated the development and commercialization of viable vaccines throughout the pandemic. I’m inspired by the teachers and institutions who swiftly pivoted to remote ways of learning and working. It’s been amazing to see the emergence of virtual communities and the strong bonds created in our various living pods. I’m also inspired by the resiliency, ingenuity and perseverance of small business owners. The world has changed overnight, and we have all changed as a result of it. I am optimistic for the future and excited for what is to come post-pandemic.
  5. Continuous Curiosity. I am constantly trying to learn new things. There are so many books that have inspired me over last few years, including:

    • Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
    • Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal
    • Survival of the Savvy by Rick Brandon and Marty Seldman
    • Educated by Tara Westover.

    These texts have been wonderful tools that have challenged me and taught me how to lead with integrity.


Katy Galle is Ocean Spray’s senior vice president of research & development and sustainability. In this role, she cultivates cutting-edge new products to fill the innovation pipeline for Ocean Spray that are underpinned with science, nutrition and technology.

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