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Master the Art of Instant Connections: Mel Robbins


Do you hate networking events? Then turn them into a game with a friend, says Mel Robbins in our 25-minute teleclass. Challenge yourselves to meeting a specific goal before you go, for example, collecting 10 business cards. When networking, scan the room to find people to whom you are drawn. Follow your gut, and go talk to them! Compliment them on their blouse/shoes/pin, or just tell them they have great energy and you wanted to meet them. Click the button below to listen to the full teleclass.

Mel shared her four secrets to creating an instant connection with someone:

1) Proximity. Put yourself directly next to people you’re interested in.

2) Similarities. In conversation, ask questions, find similarities to create instant clicks with people.

3) Physical Touch. Eye contact and friendly touch help you establish a connection with someone.

4) Vulnerability. In converation, show that you’re human! Make it easier for someone to connect with you you.

After you meet someone, look online to find similarities with them and then follow up.

Key teleclass takeaways also included:

  • Tactics that will make any event you attend a successful networking event
  • Delegating and denying – Master the art of saying “yes” to the person and “no” to the task
  • Strategies to put in place ahead of time to set yourself up for making connection at a conference

About Mel: Mel Robbins is a CNN and HLN legal and political contributor, one of the top female talk radio personalities in America and the COO of C-4 Analytics. She’s an Ivy League-educated trial lawyer and Google Analytics entrepreneur whose quick wit and refreshing take on current affairs has helped her become an internationally recognized speaker and best-selling author.  This year alone, she’s covered the George Zimmerman trial gavel-to-gavel for CNN and HLN and breaking news and politics every Sunday night on her syndicated radio show, The Robbins Rundown.