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Finding the Courage to Follow Your Passion: A Conversation With Today’s Rising Stars

We live in a culture of perfectionism despite the logic of knowing that nothing and no one can be perfect. Making mistakes is not only natural but necessary to build character, learn and grow. Is the fear of making mistakes and achieving perfection holding you back from taking a chance at school, home or in life?

Millennial expert and author Jessica Bacal will offer strategies to combat our culture of perfectionism. Featuring a panel of rising stars, this session will also share real perspectives and offer practical advice for taking risks, making mistakes and ways to recover when you stumble along the way. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, artist, student, social do-gooder (and the list goes on), prepare yourself to be inspired from this remarkable panel of stars, and get ready to overcome your fear of failure for a road to success!

Thought Leader: Jessica Bacal, author, 25 Mistakes I Made at Work @jessicabacal

Panel of Experts:
1. Wendy Darling, artist, Artists for Humanity @sooambitious
2. Emma Johnson, founder, Em John Jewelry, high school student and aspiring college student @emjohnjewelry

Host: Karen Korellis Reuther, creative director and brand psychologist, Cast Collective @cast140