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Crisis Management 101: Transforming Your Worst Qualities Into Your Biggest Assets

Have you ever made a colossal mistake in the workplace that resulted in lost clients, customers or dollars? Have you ever sent an embarrassing to the wrong reader? We have all found ourselves in bad situations of our own making. Whether that puts you in a delicate position or a full-blown crisis, it can sometimes feel as if there is no way out. Enter Judy Smith (the inspiration for the hit ABC television show “Scandal”). America’s No. 1 crisis management expert, Judy Smith is on speed dial for some of the highest-profile celebrities, politicians and corporations in the world. Though her business is helping her clients recover from widely publicized personal and professional setbacks, her expertise is applicable to us all. In this engaging session, Smith shares her methods, gleaned from years of professional experience, for smoothing over a bad situation while providing the tools to prevent similar incidents from ever happening again.

Listeners will learn how to:

– Recognize high-risk situations and anticipate potential disasters prior to, as well as in the wake of, crisis;
– Identify the seven traits that are often found at the root of a crisis;
– Understand what you can do to keep these traits in balance to prevent and avoid crisis; and
– Utilize tools to repair the damage of a crisis.

Speaker: Judy A. Smith, founder and president, Smith & Company, and leading crisis management expert @judysmith_

Host: Jackie Glenn, global chief diversity officer, EMC Corporation