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Create Your Conference Attendee Profile Now

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In order to have a seamless experience on Thursday, you must first click the link below to set up your attendee profile:

Log in using the email address with which you originally registered.* The login field is case-sensitive. Please enter your registered email in all lowercase.

You will be prompted to complete your attendee profile, which can take as little as one minute of your time.

Your attendee profile is similar to your badge at our in-person event, but with enhanced functionality. Share as much or as little information on your profile as you like, but please keep in mind that this information will be visible to other attendees (minus your email address), and any exhibitors you choose to share with (including your email).

You will use this same URL and email address to log in throughout the week, as live and on-demand programming continues through December 18th.

If you did not purchase your own ticket and your email address is not working, please check with the main registrant for your group to ensure your email was entered correctly in the system. For any other issues you should reach out to [email protected].

*Do not share your login information with anyone. If two people log in using your email at the same time, both will be expelled from the virtual environment. Please note that the login is case-sensitive and should be entirely lowercase.

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