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Learning Burst Mini Sessions

(Located in the Virtual Exhibit Hall)

Leadership Lessons Learned While Volunteering 

Spending time in your community has its own intrinsic value and you can gain incredible leadership experience by volunteering that you might not be able to learn inside your organization no matter where you are in your career. Hear from a lifelong volunteer who had the opportunity to learn valuable leadership lessons throughout her journey to becoming board chairwoman of Mothers Against Drunk Driving how this helped her career trajectory along the way.

Heather Geronemus, Director, Public Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility, UKG

Women and Financial Empowerment

Fidelity’s Ryan Viktorin talks about demystifying industry jargon and helping more women build the financial know-how to make confident decisions about their future. Learn about her simple three-step approach to identifying goals and starting to build a financial roadmap to achieve them.

Ryan Viktorin, CFP & VP, Financial Consultant, Fidelity Investments

Resilience: Lessons from Career & Life Pivots

Are you where you really want to be? When you are working hard and feeling emotionally drained, it can be challenging to stop and reflect. Fidelity’s Michelle Vetovis shares three simple questions to ask yourself when considering a change in your career or life.

Michelle Vetovis, SVP & Regional Center General Manager, Fidelity Investments

Your Heart Matters: Taking Charge of Your Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and it can be hard to talk about making heart-healthy changes. However, it’s an important conversation. Join Dr. Anita Radhakrishnan and Camille Chang Gilmore in discussing women’s heart health and what you should know to advocate for your well-being.

Dr. Anita Radhakrishnan, Cardiologist & CVI Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity Officer, Allegheny Health Network Cardiovascular Institute 

Camille Chang Gilmore, VP Human Resources & Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Boston Scientific 

Ways to Grow, Reskill and/or Jumpstart Your Career

Leah Robinson will share how her career journey unfolded at Bristol Myers Squibb while giving insight into her personal development perspective.  Her essential advice is to join an industry with opportunity, jump on challenges others are unwilling to take on, and take on roles that require you to develop new skills while capitalizing on your strengths.

Leah Robinson, Associate Director, Manufacturing Support, Bristol Myers Squibb

Strategies to Your Inclusive Hiring Journey

CWB Executive Director shares tips to identify inclusive cultures through key steps to look for in your candidacy journey. From job descriptions to interview tips, these important cues to look for to land at an organization that will value your experience and will set you up for success. For employers, these are easy strategies to adopt to be sure you are positioned to attract and retain diverse talent in this Great Opportunity.

Yaro Fong-Olivares, Executive Director, CWB, Bentley University

Succeeding Professionally When You Are in the Minority

Being a minority comes with a multitude of challenges. Too often, it means being the only person on the team, in a department, or even in the entire company. The burden of being the first, the only, or one of a few ____(fill in the blank) is exhausting. Join Sophia Dozier from Rapid7 as she imparts four statements and reframes that will help you combat negative narratives while empowering you to succeed even if you are the first, the only, or one of the few minorities with the opportunity to make a BIG difference.

Sophia Dozier, Director, DEI, Rapid7

Strategies to Address Gender-Related Microaggressions

Gender-related microaggressions have a cumulative impact on self-confidence and workplace performance; they can influence how a woman sees herself, but they’re also a reflection of how society sees women. In this session, interactive examples and exercises will be used to help you identify microaggressions when they occur and ways to respond when they happen to you or colleagues in the workplace.

Seina Lee, PharmD, MS, Group Product Director, Cardiovascular Organization, Johnson & Johnson 

Ana Raposo, Business Unit Director, Johnson & Johnson 

She Geeks Out 

Navigating a hybrid workplace; Corporate culture and team dynamics in a new world of work

The pandemic has impacted many things in the past few years, including how we work together. Felicia Jadczak, Co-CEO and Co-founder of DEIB consulting firm She+ Geeks Out, reviews some common challenges that have emerged when working remotely and in hybrid workspaces. She’ll also provide three actionable tips for how to support better and more inclusive team dynamics in our new working reality.

Felicia Jadczak, Co-CEO, She+ Geeks Out

Growing Older, Better and Louder

Thriving in the second half of life takes a little self-acceptance, a big sense of humor and, according to acclaimed humor writer Wendi Aarons, an appreciation of age-appropriate fashion pajamas. After years of self-doubt, Aarons began to unapologetically chase her dreams and, in this session, will share her inspirational and hilarious takeaways about disregarding others’ expectations for you, pivoting careers, self-acceptance and how to become the person you never know you wanted to be.

Wendi Aarons, freelance humor Writer and Author, I’m Wearing Tunics Now

Finding Your Joy in Plain Sight

What happens when we pause to notice tiny wonders in our routines? Leadership facilitator and author Katya Davydova believes that even in the midst of the most challenging day, we can uncover moments that ignite curiosity and awe—ones that, over time, compound to create a more joyful life and career. In this learning burst, she shares her treasure hunt framework: an invitation to build a behavior-based habit of finding daily small joys, all in plain sight.

Katya Davydova, Author, Joy in Plain Sight