2017 Session | WORK IT: The Secret for Success for Women in Business Today

We’re told to “lean in” or be a “#girlboss.” We devour articles, books, and fortune cookies looking for answers, desperate for a tool that will unlock our potential and help us “have it all.” But the truth is that there’s no single tool, and “having it all” doesn’t mean the same thing to every woman. There’s no one right way to achieve success. There’s only your way. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will build their own toolset for achieving their specific goals in work, leadership, and life. They’ll learn how to better listen to their gut, create valuable connections with anyone in the world, and define and leverage their unique personal brand. Read More

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2017 Session | Learning to Drop the Ball and Achieve More by Doing Less

Join Tiffany, one of Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women and Lean In launch team member, in this immersive personal development experience. She will share her story of failures and triumphs as a working woman juggling lots of balls. Through her experiences, she will help you release unrealistic expectations. Best of all, she will highlight her three tried-and-true lessons, along with practical tips that you can use immediately including the “Four Go-To’s” necessary to excel once you’ve freed up your bandwidth by dropping the ball:

  • Going to exercise (building your stamina);
  • Going to lunch (building your network);
  • Going to events (building your visibility);
  • Going to sleep (building your renewal).

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2017 Session | Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace

Incivility can impact productivity, hijack focus and create stressful environments. It can even affect customer, client and stakeholder relations. Ultimately, incivility cuts the bottom line and can lead to huge costs to the economy. Join researcher and rudeness expert Dr. Christine Porath as she leads a session on the costs and remedies for incivility. In this session, you will learn how you can enhance your influence and effectiveness with simple acts of civility. Based on research in nearly every industry and type of organization, Porath offers an eye-opening civility checkup as well as provides essential tools and actionable resources to turn civil behaviors into a daily practice for you and your organization. We will also explore much-needed advice on what to do if you are the target of incivility. You are sure to leave this session feeling better about life and with an arsenal of tools to help you stay on the high road for work (and life). Read More

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2017 Session | Managing Up: A Strategic Approach to Success in the Workplace

Did you know that employees spend an average of nearly 20 hours a week worrying about what their boss says or does? That equates to almost half of one’s work week. Imagine how much more productive (and happier) we would be if we were able to spend our time focused on hitting business goals rather than stressing about the relationship with our boss. And even if you have the best boss imaginable, everyone has bad days and rough patches. You don’t have to sit back and allow the actions of those above you derail your day or week or consume your mind. Prioritizing your relationship with your manager is not just critical to your success, but to your overall job satisfaction. It takes two to tango so why leave the quality of the relationship solely in your manager’s hands? This session is your chance to take charge and learn the tricky art of managing up. Using best practices from experts and a panel of professionals in the trenches, attendees will learn actionable tips to:

  • Understand your manager’s work/behavioral style and adjust your style accordingly;
  • Rethink your communication approach and share information more effectively;
  • Set boundaries and know when to push back and say no;
  • Maneuver the complexities of involved around gender and working with male managers;
  • Influence quietly; and much more!

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2017 Session | Navigating Office Politics…and Difficult People

Your work day is filled with them–people who frustrate, impede, maneuver, undermine, plot, connive, and whine. Attend this invaluable session and learn how to navigate through the emotions, stress and anger that distract from your actual work and achieving success. Attendees will explore easy-to-follow scenarios for every situation – including technology, generation gaps and language barriers, as well as address tyrants, to the pushy and presumptuous to camouflagers. Learn helpful strategies and phrases for diffusing workplace tensions and effectively resolving conflicts in today’s technologically advanced workplace.

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2017 Session | Build a Brand to Last: Strategies to Make Your Mark and Advance

Developing a powerful and unique brand is critical to make your mark, achieve your goals and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack at any stage in your career. We all have the power of the Internet and digital platforms to help us leverage our brands (and it sure is easier to hide behind a screen). But this is just one part of the puzzle. Presence and communication –face-to-face– is equally important. And the combination of both together is key to creating a strong and successful brand that offers an integrated and unified message and ensures you stand out in ways that will separate you from all the others vying for the same attention or business. Featuring today’s best marketing agents; this session will help you synergize your brand through ALL communication touch points. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Build a brand that is both strategically and emotionally appealing;
  • Create an online persona that you can actually exemplify in real life;
  • Market yourself, business and/or product beyond a digital platform; and
  • Understand when it is appropriate to use a digital platform and when you need to get out there in person!

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2017 Session | Innovate with the Power of Onlyness

So often we hear how innovation depends on fresh takes, new perspectives, and breakthrough ideas. That all forward progress – whether in business, or society – is born of new ideas. Yet, when people are told their ideas are too weird, too wild, or simply “too much”, they tend to give up. Not because they want to, but when one has to choose between activating an idea and belonging to a community, belonging wins. Every. Darn. Time. Until, now. Because, now, you can easily find those who share the same purpose as you, who are equally passionate, motivated, and mobilized. Now you can belong to your weird and wild ideas, AND also to a community of like-minded individuals. This is THE POWER OF ONLYNESS—that an idea, born of the spot in which ONLY you stand, can scale by connectedness, to become mighty enough to dent the world. Companies that harness this power will out-innovate the market. And, it’s the way each of us enacts the change we imagine is possible. In this session, Nilofer Merchant will inspire and offer some specific instruction sets for navigating YOUR power to innovate. Together we will explore:
· How is Onlyness different than confidence building or brand building.
· If belonging is the key to owning your ideas, how exactly do you find “your people”?
· If your boss doesn’t support you, what can you still do to bring YOUR onlyness to work?

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2017 Session | Ladies…Get Paid: Negotiate with Courage and Get What You Deserve

Women may be the majority of today’s college graduates, but less than a quarter of us make it past middle management. Ladies, it is time to advocate for yourself at work – we do have the ability to change this staggering reality! Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or want a raise in a current one, this session will cover how to prepare, best ways to present yourself, and what to say when you’re getting pushback during a negotiation. We will have a panel of ladies who will provide important talking points and give you the courage to get paid what you deserve.

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Mentoring Relationships Encourage Success for Women in Tech

Briana Curran

By Briana Curran, Vice President, Communications & Community Relations, Wells Fargo

Over 8,000 miles, not to mention key cultural differences in home and work life, separate Wells Fargo team member Prathibha Mandhula and her mentor, Holly Rollefson. Yet Rollefson, an analytics manager in enterprise data and analytics in Minneapolis, says she has long made it a priority to advocate for gender and ethnic diversity throughout her career in technology.

“Many women face similar challenges across cultures,” Rollefson says. “Prathibha and I were really able to forge a relationship and learn from each other.”

For Mandhula, a technology manager in enterprise global services in Hyderabad, India, a strong bond with a female mentor in the United States has helped bridge the geographical gap. “India still has a traditionally male-dominated culture, and that can bring challenges for women both at work and at home,” Mandhula says. “Holly, who always makes time to connect with me, has shown me how to be a thoughtful, direct and inclusive leader who can take in diverse perspectives and work past any conflicts that may arise.” Read More

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Career Advice from One of the Most Accessible Executives in Boston

By Christina Luconi, Chief People Officer, Rapid7

Chief marketing officer at Rapid7, Carol Meyers is a local legend in the Boston entrepreneurial community. She has played senior leadership roles at LogMeIn, Unica, Shiva, Lotus and GE, and she serves on the board of directors for Emarsys and MineralTree, as well as plays an advisor role to SocialRep and WordStream. Still, she feels she has not done enough.

“I want to keep learning. I want to try new things,” Meyers says. “I have always been driven by a desire to create something, to drive growth, to make things happen. This has not diminished over time, though I have developed a tad more patience.”

She has also gained invaluable insights and wisdom about work and the choices women face. Here, she reflects back on her career and shares her career advice. Read More

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