5 Mantras for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Do Good

We all know how start-ups have been disrupting business, changing how we shop, bank, dine out, meet up and get around. From sector to sector, technology is removing inefficiencies, and as a result, our lives are more convenient and improved.

Yet one part of the start-up landscape that we don’t often hear about is the social enterprise space: for-profit companies that are using technology to help advance humankind. Read More

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2017 Session | Resources and Strategies for Parenting Children in Behavioral or Emotional Crisis

Mental illness and behavioral challenges in children is an ever-growing epidemic in today’s fast-paced pressure cooker of life. When a child is faced with a behavioral disorder, emotional problem or psychiatric disease, the impact is far-reaching—affecting everything from the child’s home, school and social life to the emotional wellness of the entire family.  Our role as parents is to protect our children and it can be heart-breaking to watch them suffer day in and day out. Do you feel overwhelmed and immobilized? Not sure how to help or locate the best resources to support your child and your family? Attend this powerful and invaluable session to find answers to these questions and also explore: warning signs; early intervention; strategies to manage crisis and the delicate balance of protecting your child and understanding when to let them fail without adding to an already complex situation. Read More

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2017 Session | Live Richer with the One Week Budget

When “The Budgetnista” started writing her book at age 25, she was a teacher making $35,000 a year, and saved $40,000 in two years. She has since dedicated her life to financial literacy and helping others live a richer life. In this session, you will learn her invaluable money management system – 12 steps that that can be completed over a 7-day span (hence, The One WEEK Budget). Attendees will learn the practical and easy tools to complete the One Week Budget challenge and ultimately find a richer life.

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Session 2017 l Global Citizenship: The Powerful Convergence of Everyday Life and Social Impact

No matter where you turn, challenges and devastations are a hard reality within our country and across the globe. Simple pleasures like watching television or reading a magazine have become saddening and disheartening given current events. Do you feel helpless? Are you overwhelmed with the abundance of causes and not sure how to contribute? Do you yearn for a life of greater significance beyond your day-to-day? Attend this session to hear from a panel of pioneers and learn how you can become a change-maker without moving across the world or quitting your job. From volunteerism, activism, philanthropy, humanitarianism and simple shopping strategies, this session will offer the perfect mix of actionable steps and inspiration for how you can get involved; find a cause that aligns with your passions; use your creativity and innovative thinking; and contribute to a cause that has positive social impact. Read More

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Session 2017 l Pioneer Your Big Life: How to Use Grit and Perseverance to Your Advantage

The best thing about life on your own terms? There is no one clear-cut path. The hard part? There is no one clear-cut path. How do you create the life you want when you’re not even sure you know what that looks like or how to get it?

Welcome to the Big Life—it’s not only within your reach; you get to write the rules. Led by Ann Shoket, former editor-in-chief of Seventeen and author of THE BIG LIFE, this session offers insights to help you tap your ambition AND honor your dreams at the same time. You will hear from a panel of pioneers who have been in your shoes – confused, frustrated, discouraged. Learn how they persevered with grit through challenges and confusion and achieved success – even when they hit roadblocks along the way. This insightful and life-changing session will explore what goes through your head when you fall down or hit a bump, and how that—not talent or luck—makes all the difference in creating your Big Life. Read More

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2017 Session | The Future of Modern Love

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships. Yet, when it comes to modern love, the expectations and social norms are quickly shifting beneath our feet. Over the past three decades, iconic couples’ therapist, erotic intelligence expert and best-selling author of Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs, Esther Perel has been a penetrating observer of cultural patterns.  In this session, she will explore desire, trust, honesty, accountability and the complicated (and contradictory) needs that are shaping relationships today.  Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the intricacies of love and desire and what it takes to build thriving and resilient relationships.

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How She Got There: Alison Quirk’s Path to Becoming Executive Vice President at State Street Corporation

If you want to know what a leader sounds like, talk to Alison Quirk. Direct and articulate while also unhurried and kind, she is clearly used to telling people what to do in a way that makes them want to do it. You get the sense that her meetings were never boring or overlong. You also get the sense that there are a lot of people out there who loved working for her. Read More

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Podcast | Extreme You

Sarah Robb O'HaganClick Play below to listen.

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Led by Flywheel Sports CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan, this session will inspire and educate you on ways to tap your full potential. In 30 minutes, Robb O’Hagan, author of Extreme You, will walk you through how to • push yourself to be more open to new experiences so you can discover where you do and don’t shine • ignite your personal drive • get out of line to leapfrog your performance • and deal with failure and pain training on your road to epic success—all so you can, as her book says, step up, stand out and kick ass at work and in life.

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Free Teleclass | Extreme You

Sarah Robb O'HaganExtreme You: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone to Be Your Best You
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eventbrite - Extreme You (Free Teleclass with Sarah Robb O'Hagan)

⇓ Download the companion presentation (PDF)
(Save this to follow along during the call!)

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Podcast | How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time

Laura VanderkamClick Play below to listen.

Advancing in your career has tradeoffs: more work and responsibility mean less time and energy for you and your family. But are all your personal sacrifices truly necessary? Probably not, says Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It and 168 Hours. In this 30 minute teleclass, Vanderkam will share: how successful women make the most of their time; the underlying strategies that can help you to be more productive; and an overall game plan for giving yourself more time in the day so you can love your career—and personal life, too.

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