5 Big Money Decisions Made Easy

Manisha ThakorEven people who like math can struggle with major financial decisions. “The problem is that many of us don’t have a simple mental framework for how to allocate our income, and absent it, we can’t tell if we’re going off the reservation,” says Manisha Thakor, director of wealth strategies for women at The BAM Alliance and co-author of On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance. She recommends putting 50% of your paycheck toward needs, 30% toward wants and 20% toward savings—a plan first suggested over 20 years ago by now-Senator Elizabeth Warren. Here, Thakor’s just-as-easy-to-comprehend take on five big money questions. Read More

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A Call to Action for Women Breadwinners

Frederick, ChristineFeaturing Christine Frederick, Senior Vice President, U.S. Insurance Group, MassMutual

For years, the phrase “gender gap” referred to the differences in the outcomes that men and women achieve in the labor market. But when it comes to finances, what separates the sexes may actually be a vast “confidence gap.” “Women are more educated and earning more than before,” says MassMutual’s Senior Vice President Christine Frederick. “Now women need to focus on building their confidence that they are securing their financial futures.” Read More

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Helping Women Achieve Their Financial Dreams

Hassara,TeresaBy Teresa Hassara, Executive Vice President, Institutional Business, TIAA-CREF

Recently, 65-year-old “Ellen” came in to a TIAA-CREF office concerned she would lose her home and would never be able to retire. Our financial consultant talked her through her options, including several Social Security strategies. Ellen realized she could keep her home and retire whenever she’s ready, income intact, and she gave her consultant a big hug as she left.   Read More

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6 Habits of the Financially Successful

AA044451Courtesy of MFS Investment Management

A variety of behavioral traits can affect investment decision-making for the worse. For example, do you make investment decisions based on emotion, in haste or in reaction to trending news? If so, your behaviors may potentially sabotage the portfolio you’ve spent years trying to build. The good news is that learning new habits may help you successfully build, preserve and transfer wealth. Here are some tips and suggestions to develop good investing habits. Read More

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Transition Checklist: Life Events That Could Alter Your Investment Plan

MA Morgan Stanley Joel DubeBy Wealth Management Systems, Inc., Courtesy of Joel J. Dube, Assistant Vice President and Regional Diversity Officer, Morgan Stanley 

The potential for change is one of the few constants in life. Whether your circumstances evolve unexpectedly or as the result of careful planning, you may have to alter your investment strategy. The following are transitional events that may present opportunities or savings obstacles: Read More

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So You Need $50,000 to Start Your Business…

Jackson, Deborahsmby Deborah Jackson, CEO and founder of Plum Alley, a crowdfunding platform and resource for women

If you’ve gotten a Kickstarter email from a friend or colleague—and many of us have— you know something about crowdfunding. Yet this social mode of raising money for a business or project is often misunderstood. Read More

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Building Your Financial Confidence: “Office Hours” Recap

Diane MacPheeFear and lack of confidence around money issues is very common. There is much shame and self recrimination; “I should know more…yet I just cannot be bothered.”  Sound familiar? The thought of improving your financial situation can be daunting.

How does one tackle this monumental challenge? We discussed this in the Massachusetts Conference for Women’s online radio show “Office Hours” on August 21, and following are some steps to start building your financial confidence. Listen to the full 30-minute show, hosted by Samantha Ettus, here. Read More

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The Beauty of a Budget

Thakor-Manishasmby Manisha Thakor

Many people think budgets are about deprivation. As a financial advisor, I feel they are about liberation. Here’s a simple three-step plan to create a budget that you will feel excited to follow. Read More

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