The Disruptive Innovation of You (workshop)

Whitney-JohnsonsmSpeaker:Whitney Johnson, co-founder, Rose Park Advisors and author, Dare, Dream, Do

The idea is simple, but powerful: disruptive companies and ideas upend markets by doing something truly different – they see a need, an empty space waiting to be filled, and they dare to create something for which a market may not yet exist. As co-founder of Rose Park Advisors, Whitney Johnson demonstrates how the frameworks of disruptive innovation can apply to you: if you want to be successful in unexpected ways, follow your own disruptive path. Dare to innovate. Dream big dreams. Do something astonishing. Disrupt yourself. In this session, Whitney Johnson shares her personal disruptive innovation and teaches you the fundamentals of disruptive innovation to show you how powerful it can be in your evolving reinvention both personally and professionally.

Host: Beth Grofus, vice president, human resources, Sanofi
Branded by: Sanofi

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Your Guide to Getting Respect and Handling Tough Relationships

Jessica BakersmSpeaker: Jessica Baker, co-founder, Respect RX

No matter what you’ve been through, the good news is that true respect starts on the inside. In this interactive session, learn the secrets featured by CNN, USA Today, Glamour, and Teen Vogue to getting the life, relationships, work and health you want. The Respect Basics show you how to finally make self-respect the foundation of your decisions, self-care, relationships and leadership path.

Host: Cynthia Hass, director of youth engagement programs, GimmeMo Productions

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Your Money and Your Life: Where Do You Go From Here?

Jean ChatzkysmSpeaker: Jean Chatzky, award-winning journalist, best-selling author and finance expert

It’s a whole new ballgame. From the way you save and invest for today to how you plan and protect yourself for the future, the rules of the financial world have changed forever. Particularly for women. Today Show Financial Editor Jean Chatzky had a seat at the table for the shake-up and tells you–in plain English–about the moves you need to make now to ensure a life of financial comfort for you and your family.


Host: Kara Cohen, community service director, AARP Massachusetts

Branded by: AARP

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Career Path in 2012: Defining Success on Your Own Terms (Panel)

Moderator: Alexis Sclamberg, author, blogger, The Huffington Post and former lawyer

Panelist 1: Ella Bell, Dartmouth professor and author, Career GPS: Strategies for Women Navigating the New Corporate Landscape
Panelist 2: Lauren Berger, Intern Queen, author and BusinessWeek’s Young Entrepreneurs 25 under 25
Panelist 3: Shalise Manza Young, sportswriter, Boston Globe
Panelist 4: Mark McKinnon, president and vice chairman, Public Strategies and president, Maverick Media

It’s a new world, and Gen Y professionals are approaching careers very differently than their parents. They are no longer staying at on organization for 20+ years and climbing the ranks – rather, they are moving and evolving rapidly. In 2012, feeling successful professionally goes well beyond having a stable position and financial security. Young professionals are building career paths that align with their values, morals and passions. This interactive discussion brings together a mix of corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial women to share their perspectives and journeys. Learn how to identify your unique priorities, create a plan that integrates these priorities and take action to meet your goals.

Host: Kelly McKenna, senior vice president, global head, Center for Applied Research, State Street Corporation

Branded by: State Street Corporation

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