Walk Like an Egyptian…In Heels

kabani-article-group-photoby Shama Kabani

I never imagined that I would be showing a vivacious young Egyptian woman in a hijab how to stand in heels when making a pitch to investors. (Don’t sway, and walk strategically in the area given.) But, that’s exactly what happened on the last day of the NexGen IT Bootcamp in Egypt, the first event of its kind, sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Program, USAID, and the governments of Denmark and Egypt. When Scott Gerber, Founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council (Y.E.C.), first told me that I was the only woman representative from the U.S., I was delighted at the honor. Little did I know that my lesson on how to walk in heels would be just as mesmerizing as my entrepreneurial advice. What followed was a life-changing experience.

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Music is Universal, Education Should Be Too

by Tammy Tibbetts

Girls around the world endlessly fascinate me. Although I’m 25, I’m able to develop a bond, and an awareness of their dreams, through social media. I’m focused on girls in my day job, where I tweet for a teen magazine, and after hours, when I’m burning the midnight oil working on She’s the First, a not-for-profit supporting girls’ education, and its benefit concert, GIRLS WHO ROCK.

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