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Career Spotlight: Using Capital Markets to Save the Environment

Delongchamp, JulieMore than any generation before them, millennials are focused on the environment. So today’s college students are preparing themselves for a future where sustainability plays a part in every decision global business leaders make.

Bentley University senior Economics–Finance major Julie Delongchamp is a great example. The California native took advantage of Bentley’s distinctive academic fusion model and undertook a second liberal studies major in “Earth, Environment and Global Sustainability.” The combination isn’t just about going green, though: It’s about making a real difference.

“Money talks,” Delongchamp says. “To me, the best way for sustainable solutions to make meaningful progress is to move the needle through capital markets.”

And since the environment doesn’t recognize national borders, this past summer Delongchamp took her education overseas through Bentley’s study abroad program. Spending time in Rouen, France, helped her see the positive impact European commitments to things such as fuel economy and renewable energy sources are making.

“The experience abroad made me realize how vital investment, favorable infrastructure and government policies are to the success of sustainability initiatives,” she says.

Delongchamp’s forward thinking is getting noticed. In July, she joins the investment analytics and communications team at Wellington Management, a UN Principles of Responsible Investment signatory.

“We’re the generation most likely to be impacted by the adverse effects of climate change in the next 50 years, so we are the most concerned about slowing and reversing the trend,” she says. “Throwing our hands up in futility in the face of these immense challenges is only wasting precious time.”

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