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Career Spotlight: When Your First Job Isn’t the Right Fit

First Job Isn’t the Right Fit

Renzullo, MollySoon after Molly Renzullo began her career, she realized she wasn’t doing what she loved. As an undergraduate, Renzullo majored in psychology, with minors in advertising and architecture, but her first job fell short of her real passion. She had a mind for analytics.

“Growing up in Massachusetts, I was aware of Bentley University and its strong reputation,” says Renzullo, ’12. “Pursuing my MBA there was the first step in changing my career.”

“Bentley provided me with a foundation for any future endeavor,” she explains. “But what proved to be the most rewarding and beneficial for me, as someone looking to get into business analytics, was my course work in Business Process Management and Information Technology. I put a lot into my career change, so it was important that I find a great fit.”

Renzullo’s post-graduate career has been filled with the change she wanted. After working as a senior business analyst for Traveler’s Insurance, she was contacted by a former colleague who currently works at Cigna. She was put in charge of Cigna’s Total Health & Networks communication efforts to health-care providers, and wanted Renzullo to join the team.

“My role is as a strategic positioning and engagement coordinator, building strategic communication plans and executing on them,” she explains. “I use analytical tools in everything I do.”

Approaching her one-year anniversary at Cigna, Renzullo loves her new life. “Everything you do comes down to asking the right questions, and Bentley helped train me to think a particular way,” she says. “The diverse team projects we did there, and the presentation skills I learned, are helping me succeed in today’s business environment.”

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