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Candid Conversations: Women Succeeding in STEM Careers

This session will offer a candid reflection on career success in STEM. Using real-life examples from women leaders in STEM, we will address common questions associated with being a woman in a niche industry, including:
– How do I get into the industry?
– What do I need to do to be successful?
– What career paths are available?
– What hardships do women in STEM face and how are they overcome?

In addition to providing answers to these questions, panelists will share top tips for ways to succeed in STEM as well as offer an open Q&A format to help debunk myths about women succeeding in STEM.

Moderator: Lisa Welker-Finney, vice president, human resources, neuromodulation, Latin America, Canada, Boston Scientific Corporation

1. Kerri DiPietro, director, global clinical quality, Boston Scientific Corporation
2. Marilee Grant, director, community relations, Boston Scientific Corporation
3. Mona Patel, vice president, training and clinical communications, neuromodulation, Boston Scientific Corporation
4. Heidi Vlasak, principal product performance engineer, Boston Scientific Corporation