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Calling All Dreamers

by Katie Mahon

May is a month when the natural world around us has completed its annual metamorphosis from the dead of winter to the rebirth of spring. Yet, in our high-tech, post-modern lives, we can ignore what historically was a strong pull to this annual rejuvenation that nature bestows upon us. The sameness of our days gives way to the sameness in our lives and the rebirth taking place outside our window, while beautiful when we stop and notice, becomes beside the point in our busy schedules. It needn’t be. Bringing the exhilaration of a flowering spring garden into your life, in the spot where just a short time ago there was the dormancy of frozen soil, is as simple as planting the seeds.

One of my favorite quotes is by Goethe, the 18th century philosopher and poet, who said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it—boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Before you can “begin it,” of course, you have to know what your dream is. A dream is different than a goal in the same way that fulfillment is different than achievement—and way bigger. A dream connects imagination and passion in such a way that once manifested leaves a unique imprint on the universe. Your dream may be elusive at the moment and may require solitude to discover it—hard to do in our hectic lives, but worth the effort. You will be getting in touch with your inner nature, bringing the outside in.

A dream can come true because you name it—no longer a loose idea, but deserving of your imagination and commitment. When you know what your dream is, write it down, or better yet, share it with a friend.

May is an especially beautiful month, so take advantage of it! Don’t let it pass you by. Open up the window: Be Bold, Dream Big.

2011 MA Conference for Women speaker Katie Mahon describes stepping away from her fast-tracked career in senior management in banking to be as uncomfortable as it was liberating. In retrospect, it was a defining moment that ultimately led her to the writing and publication of “The Miracle Chase: Three Women, Three Miracles, and a Ten Year Journey of Discovery and Friendship.”

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