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How to Become the Social Entrepreneur of Your Life: Doing Well By Doing Good

Are you passionate about changing the world? Are you looking for ways to channel your innovation and impact change? Are you eager to make a difference in your community and around the globe beyond your day job? This session will offer you practical how-to advice and inspiration to make your mark and have a positive social impact around the issues and causes close to your heart. Whether you are looking to volunteer or get involved, seeking ways to drive social responsibility within your organization, or start a socially entrepreneurial endeavor, this session is for you. With pioneers from the front lines, this dynamic discussion will illustrate the incredibly powerful aggregate social impact that can happen when we all do our part to make the world a better place.

Together we will explore how you can:

– Leverage your professional skills and overall strengths to make a difference in the nonprofit world;
– Positively affect what is in your own backyard by thinking globally and not just locally;
– Invest in girls to become advocates and change-makers in their communities and globally; and
– Become smarter shoppers by supporting organizations that give back as a part of their core mission

Thought Leader: Ritu Sharma, co-founder and president, Women Thrive Worldwide, and author, Teach a Woman To Fish @rituthrive

Panel of Experts:
1. Christy Keswick, chief operating officer, Good Sports
2. Kimberly Steimle Vaughan, chief marketing and people officer, Suffolk Construction Company