LEADERSHIP | Strategic Foresight: How to Show Up When Disruption Happens…Again

Most people don’t like change: they like things to stay the same. So it’s no surprise that the last 18+ months challenged leaders in unimaginable ways, forcing us to scramble to manage the accelerated shifts within the workplace. Were you able to thrive when the disruption of the Pandemic hit or were you struggling to survive? And more importantly when disruption strikes again (and we know it will) how do you want to show up? In this session, best-selling author and leadership expert Charlene Li will explore why it’s so important to look beyond the horizon and how to harness the strategic tools to think like a futurist.Sharing pragmatic advice you will learn how to rethink risk, create a long-term strategy for disruption and refine your leadership style to transform the culture of your team so that everyone is prepared to show up when disruption happens again… and thrive.

Speaker:  Charlene Li, expert, digital transformation & leadership, and New York Times best-selling author @charleneli

Host:  Devin Hood, sr. director, digital experience, Cisco @cisco


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