LEADERSHIP | The Burnout Fix

We all know that excessive stress is a health hazard. What is less talked about are the effects of burnout on business performance. Stress makes people nearly three times as likely to leave their jobs, temporarily impairs strategic thinking, and lowers creative abilities. Burnout is a growing phenomenon in the workplace – leaders experience it as individuals and at same time responsible for teams feeling it. Being able to address and mitigate burnout is a critical new leadership skill as we navigate this new world of work for ourselves and our teams. Explore ways you can take care of yourself and also develop team cultures that inspire people to tap into their core resilience capabilities. Learn how to develop team norms; recognize and respond to burnout in your people; guard your team against the six person-job mismatches that lead to burnout and foster conditions for increased psychological safety.

Speaker:  Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez, award-winning psychologist & author, The Burnout Fix @drjacinta


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