PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Lessons about Becoming Mentally Well from Being Mentally Ill

One in four experience mental health issues every year and, in these strange and unsettling times, more of us than ever are struggling to cope. For journalist and mental health advocate Bryony Gordon, mental illness has been part of her life for decades having struggled with OCD, depression, anxiety and addiction. And while it led to some of her worst times … along her path to wellness, she realized that it also led to some of her most brilliant. Speaking candidly about her journey, she will offer a fresh perspective to help you vastly improve your mental well-being and determine when it’s time to meditate, medicate or seek counseling. Whether you’re feeling a little worried, anxious or blah or coping with a more serious mental health challenge, you will leave this session feeling stronger and a little less alone.

Speaker:  Bryony Gordon, award-winning journalist, mental health campaigner, & best-selling author, No Such Thing as Normal @bryonygordon (IG)


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