CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Productivity: Overcoming the Cultural Pressures Facing Women Today

Women felt the impacts of 2020 hardest – especially working moms, reaping havoc on our ability to get things done and do it well. Being productive doesn’t mean doing it all. How can we work smarter and get more done by doing less? Traditional productivity books—written by men—barely touch the tangle of cultural pressures that women feel. This session will explore how to reframe productivity so that you can stop doing everything for everyone and start doing what matters. Learn how to identify where you want to excel, how to off-load, outsource, and finally how to just stop giving a damn about the rest. Leave with tools to create a tactical plan to reach short, mid and long-term goals so you accomplish what you want and feel successful.

Speaker:   Erin Falconer, editor-in-chief & co-owner, Pick the Brain and author, How to Get Sh*t Done @erinfalconer


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