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3 Ways to Use Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Stephanie Humphrey

Stephanie Humphrey is a Technology & Lifestyle Contributor at ABC News who considers it her job to show people how technology can make their jobs easier.

Here are three tips she shared with the Conference for Women community:

  1. Turn off all notifications on your phone. “I cannot have my phone pinging every five minutes because an email came in or somebody liked my selfie. I have my phone in my hand enough anyway. I don’t need the added pressure of the notifications telling me and ordering me like Pavlov’s dog to pick this phone up. So, no notifications is the rule.”
  2. Use the “downtime” function on your phone. When Stephanie used to wake in the night, she often rolled over and grabbed her phone. Then one day she asked herself: “Why am I doing this? It’s 3:30, there’s nothing happening on my phone that I need to know about.” But habits like that can be hard to break. So, she activated the “downtime” function on her phone, which enabled her to disable everything (except calls) between Midnight and 5 a.m. “Obviously, you can disable it if you want to,” she adds, “but just that extra step keeps me from bothering with the whole thing.”
  3. Schedule your social media posts. Sharing throughout the day on social media is important for building a brand. But doing so can take a lot of time and interrupt your other work. That’s why Stephanie recommends curating articles at night and scheduling them on Hootsuite to go out throughout the day—providing more time and focus for other things.

Stephanie Humphrey shared these tips and more at the 2019 Massachusetts Conference for Women. You can listen to the entire session here.

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