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2018 Session | Super-Connectors: Build a Network of Relationships, Not Just Contacts

The ability to make meaningful connections with people is critical to success in life and in your career. For over two decades, FOX’s NFL coverage reporter Laura Okmin has covered the biggest names on the biggest stages including over ten Super Bowls, two Olympics, multiple NBA Finals, World Series and All-Star games. But what Laura is most known for, and most proud of, is the connections she has cultivated by building relationships. Laura and a panel of leaders will talk about ways to build a valuable network and leverage those connections to make them work for you – and for them, so it’s a win-win! Understand who you need to meet, how to meet them and how to form lasting relationships (even if you’re an introvert!). Don’t wait for social osmosis. Attend this session and gain advice for how you can take control and guide yourself where you want to go.

Thought Leader:  Karen Anderson, investigative reporter, WCVB Channel 5

⚬ Ellen Hendriksen, clinical psychologist, author and creator, award-winning podcast, Savvy Psychologist
⚬ Laura Okmin, Emmy award-winning sports reporter and founder, GALvanize
⚬ Mona Patel, VP, clinical training & fellowship education, Boston Scientific
⚬ Beth Phalen, president, data protection division, Dell EMC

EmceeKristen LaVerghetta, head of life science global internal communications, MilliporeSigma