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2017 Session | The User Manual: Instructions for How You Work as a Manager

Products come with user manuals – but people don’t. And we all have our quirks — the little things that annoy or delight us; the times of day we work best; the way we like to give and get feedback. Why not be up front about them with our employees, teams and colleagues, and develop a “user manual’ that captures our particular working style? Creating your own user manual can be a great exercise in self-reflection and when shared with others, this tool can be useful to highlight team dynamics and spark healthy dialogue around how to most effectively work with one another. In this session, attendees will learn how business leaders can use this tool to foster better teamwork, increase productivity and ultimately improve your management skills. Using interactive exercises, you will dive right into the steps involved to create your own user manual to share with your supervisor, your department or your company when you return back to the office!

  Adam Bryant, managing director at Merryck & Co., & best-selling author, Quick and Nimble
  Abby Falik, founder & CEO, Global Citizen Year and Fast Company Most Creative People in Business 2016

Emcee: Laurie Miller Voke, founder and president, Female Fan Association