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2017 Session | Navigating Office Politics…and Difficult People

Your work day is filled with them–people who frustrate, impede, maneuver, undermine, plot, connive, and whine. Attend this invaluable session and learn how to navigate through the emotions, stress and anger that distract from your actual work and achieving success. Attendees will explore easy-to-follow scenarios for every situation – including technology, generation gaps and language barriers, as well as address tyrants, to the pushy and presumptuous to camouflagers. Learn helpful strategies and phrases for diffusing workplace tensions and effectively resolving conflicts in today’s technologically advanced workplace.

Speaker: Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim, author, Working with Difficult People, Second Revised Edition: Handling the Ten Types of Problem People Without Losing Your Mind

Emcee: Jodi-Tatiana Charles, director, small & diverse business engagement, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce