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2017 Session | How to Get Buy-In to Pioneer Equity in Your Organization

Are you tired of waiting for C-level directives to address the equity gaps in your organization? Do you feel frustrated and helpless? Don’t sit around and wait – be a pioneer and create the change. This session will share the real-life story of a manager at Salesforce and their journey to address the glaring equity issues – both pay and positions – within their company. Learn how they got the attention of the CEO to get the buy-in and drive change to fix the problems. Using best practices and lessons learned from their first-hand experiences, along with expert advice around gender partnership/engaging men, you will leave today armed with knowledge, actionable tips and the motivation to do the same in your organization.

Thought Leader: Megan Costello, executive director, Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement

⚬  Jeffery Tobias Halter, gender strategist, author and president, YWomen
⚬ Molly Ford, director, global equality programs, Salesforce @salesforce

Emcee: Aparna Rayasam, senior director, engineering, Cloud Security BU, Akamai Technologies