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2017 Session | ENCORE: The Joy Manifesto: Life Hacks for Life Zen

Busy has become a way of life – an epidemic of sorts. We complain about “how busy we are” yet do we secretly like it? When did busy become a badge of honor? Is it cool or is it just a facade for us to hide behind? Our perception of our busyness, doesn’t just give us something to talk about, it allows us to create chaos and obstacles that prevent us from living life to its fullest. Attend this session for a fresh approach to finding some much needed space and balance. Led by author, joy seeker and creator of The Joy Manifesto, Gretchen Stewart will offer step by step instructions along with simple life hacks on how to create and manifest what brings you joy.  From organizational tools to creating mindful habits this session will arm you with an ability to actually welcome a little less busy and embrace a lot more joy!

Speaker: Gretchen Stewart, founder, Sunshine Press and creator and author, Joy Manifesto

Emcee: Carol Lee Mitchell, SVP, account management, North America, Mastercard