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2016 Session | Work Life Integration: Lessons Learned from the Trenches

Life doesn’t stop just because you enter an office every day. Recent benchmarking and employee surveys show there is a true need for organizations to provide support for employees navigating career and juggling the demands of life outside of work. Doing so will not only improve employee morale but will contribute to the overall success of the business. This interactive session will offer real-life perspectives from successful women and executive leaders at Boston Scientific to illustrate how the organization supported their life integration. By sharing their personal journeys – both on what has worked and not worked throughout various stages of their careers, attendees will learn strategies to:

  • Maintain a sense of control when life happens;
  • Prioritize yourself over everything else and identify when to do so;
  • Leverage workplace tools and resources to help you succeed; and
  • Move away from the notion of finding balance but rather make choices that matter at different phases in life.


Paula Rizzo, productivity expert, founder, The List Producer, and author, Listful Thinking


Jodi Euerle Eddy, chief information officer, Boston Scientific
Susan Lisa, VP, investor relations, Boston Scientific