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2016 Session | How to Impact Positive Change One Idea at a Time

Are you eager to make a difference in your organization, community and around the globe? It only takes one small idea to generate massive awareness and create positive momentum around the issues and causes closest to your heart. Designed for folks who have the passion and drive to change the world, this session will not only inspire you to take action but will offer strategies to channel your innovation and mobilize your efforts. From successful social entrepreneurs to business executives and humanitarians, leading change agents will share their successes and pitfalls along their paths to make a difference. Together we will explore easy tips and takeaways to help you: define your mission; attract a following; raise money; and generate awareness.

Thought Leader: Luvvie Ajayi, award-winning writer, speaker and digital strategist

Karen Cahn, founder and CEO, VProud Labs and founder, iFundWomen
Nancy Frates
, creator, The Ice Bucket Challenge
Reihaneh Irani-Famili, VP, business design and readiness, National Grid

Emcee: Dina Creiger, founder, Choose To Be Nice, LLC