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2016 Session | Gender Partnership: Engaging Men As Advocates to Pioneer Pay Equity

By engaging men in creating more equal workplaces, we’re creating better leaders, stronger businesses, more fulfilling lives for both women and men and showing that this is a business imperative required at all levels from all managers. This session will identify ways in which women can form closer ties and partner with male counterparts to work together more effectively. Using a real-life case study example, we will illustrate tangible ways in which men can approach management, hiring, promotions, etc. to change the workplace so all are on an equal playing field. Lastly, we will offer practical ways in which you can build a business case internally to engage men as advocates to impact positive change and equity within your organization.

Thought Leader: Catherine Corley, senior vice president, global operations, Catalyst

Speaker: Beth Carlson, vice president, global talent development & organizational effectiveness, Raytheon Company

Emcee: Joan Parsons, executive vice president, head, specialty banking, Silicon Valley Bank