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2016 Session | Emotional Correctness: Real-Life Ways to Turn Lemons into Lemonade!

Based on her hit TED talk, Sally Kohn explores the practical application of finding compassion for others—including, or even especially your enemies and haters and trolls — when they barely seem to deserve it. How do you not just talk the talk of “emotional correctness” but try to walk it every day — treating others with the compassion you want them to have for you and others? It’s not easy. In this personal and powerful talk, Sally reads from her epic folder of hate mail and hate tweets and shares her own internal and external strategies for combating the meanness everyone experiences on some scale every day. Useful for everyone from young folks struggling with the emotional gauntlet of social media to adults struggling with the emotional gauntlet that is their kids, Sally shares spiritual and practical tools we can all use including:

  • How to distinguish hate from constructive criticism and how to respond to both;
  • Three social media jujitsu strategies for dealing with haters without being hateful yourself;
  • Ways to renew yourself and your faith in humanity, even on social media; and
  • How to define— and stick to — your own public, moral code of conduct.

Speaker: Sally Kohn, columnist, CNN political commentator and former community organizer

Emcee: Liz Powers, co-founder and chief happiness officer, ArtLifting