Ace Your Next Negotiation — Free Teleclass with Sheila Heen August 26

Sheila Heen headshotAce Your Next Negotiation
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
1:00 PM to 1:30PM (EDT)


Women are incredibly good negotiators when speaking on behalf of others—for their clients, team or organization. Why then aren’t women having the same success when trying to negotiate for themselves?

Whether you are trying to advance your position or your paycheck, this free 30-minute teleclass will offer you practical advice and inspiration to more effectively negotiate. Sheila Heen, faculty member at Harvard Law School and co-author of Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, will help you learn how to avoid common mistakes and identify easy strategies for asking for what you want—so you’ll walk away with the confidence to get what you are worth.


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Share Your Story: Nurturing Office Culture

Crawford-Mariaby Maria Crawford

The following is a featured entry in our Share Your Story contest, which celebrates our 10-year anniversary with stories from past attendees.

The Mass Conference for Women inspired women in our office and had us asking, “How we can make our office a better place?”

We decided to start a group called the Culture Club that is open to all employees. This club talks about real work culture issues. Small tasks are addressed—like who is going to clean the fridge. Larger tasks are tackled, such as team building events and charity activities.

In our first year, our team of only 70, raised over $10,500 for charity. Although we’d worked together for years, we all got to know each other for the first time. The culture changed and the organization actually talked about and tackled issues that were elephants in the room in the past.

As we spent more time together, socializing and working towards a common goal, we became a better team and our work life truly improved.

Questions that were raised because of our attendance at the Mass Conference for Women relating to respect, work life balance, confrontation, and many other valuable concepts, were the start of a great in office organization that changed the way we work together.

Overall, the value of the conference is priceless.



The culture club in action.



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Past Attendees: Share Your Story to Win $1,000, 2014 Tickets, and More!


What a Difference a Decade Makes! Join Us In a Unique Storytelling Celebration of the MA Conference for Women

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Massachusetts Conference for Women, we want to hear your story. After all, we couldn’t have done all this without you (and maybe you feel the same way)!

Tell us how the Conference stirred your soul; inspired you to take a chance; led you to a new career; helped you find courage within—or opened your eyes to new truths and greater possibilities. Submit Your Story to enter the Contest using guidelines below, and earn a chance to win some amazing prizes. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 1, 2014. There will be 10 finalists!


Prize package for the winning submission includes:

  1. Ten tickets to the Dec. 4, 2014 conference, including a reserved table with VIP seating at the keynote luncheon.
  2. Announcements on our website, in the conference newsletter, and on social media platforms before and during the conference.
  3. Your story shared with this year’s attendees and featured on our website.
  4. A selection of 10 speaker-authored books.
  5. A check for $1,000 presented to you by one of our Board members.


Nine runner-up finalists will receive:

  1. A personalized and autographed book from one of our author speakers.
  2. Announcements on our website, in the conference newsletter, and on social media platforms.
  3. Your submission featured on our website.


Guidelines for submissions:

Write a brief essay (200 words or fewer) describing how attending the Conference empowered you in some way. Please include a photo.


Record a short video (1:00 minute or less) on how the Conference impacted your life, and send us the link from YouTube or Vimeo.


How to submit Your Story:

  1. Email your story or video to
    [email protected]
    by 8:00 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014.
  2. A team of judges will choose 10 finalists from all the entries. Finalists will be announced on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014.
  3. The WINNER will be announced on Tuesday, November 1st on our website, in our newsletter, via social media, and featured at the Dec. 4th conference.


Here’s your chance to share how the Conference has changed your life. Tell your story now!


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Crack the Confidence Code — Podcast with Katty Kay

Katty KayWhy do so many women—even women who have achieved unprecedented success in the public and private sectors—lack the self-assurance that drives many of their male colleagues?

“Psychologists uniformly agree that a little bit of overconfidence is better than a little bit of under-confidence, which is what most women suffer from,” says BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay.

In this podcast, Kay explains the research behind confidence, plus why—and how—women should work on boosting the confidence they’ve got.


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Build Your Persuasive Power — Podcast with Amy Richards

Richards, AmysmLearning to lead means building consensus. In this episode of Conference for Women’s radio show, “Office Hours,” author Amy Richards explains how you can strategically bring people around to your way of thinking. 

Click “more” to read more and listen to the full podcast.


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